First of all, I am a mom.

My story with consciousness in beauty industry has started when I became pregnant. I wanted the best products for my face and body, because I was in process to creating a human being!

Now, every minute with my kid and for him is precious, so I needed to do my routine faster, but maintain effective and fabulous of course.

Then, I have always considered myself as a minimalist makeup artist – in amount of products I own and in my style. I learned that lesson moving and traveling a lot.

I thought that maybe some skills of mine are useful and I can give a little push to anybody who, just like me, wants enhance natural beauty and be more conscious in cosmetic world, but does´t know how to start.

I prepared Beauty Training where I´ll show you how to treat your skin, feel exclusive and be cool with the environment.

I´ll guide you through the beauty world prioritizing brands with high quality products which are made from natural ingredients.

Together we will design your personal skincare regimen, also I´ll teach you how to do effortless and stunning makeup for the day and for the special occasion.

Your key words are:

#slowliving #minimalism #sustainability

Sounds good to You?

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